Nosey APK v9.6.0 Free Download on Android [OFFICIAL]

Nosey APK is really on of the most amazing one as it brings out appealing features that keep people intact to their on-going media. Hopefully, majority of people love watching movies and TV series. What makes Nosey application great is the approach and UI that it offers. Nevertheless, the application is surely a competing one against all the amazing OTT platforms out there. In short words, you can say that it is one of the best alternatives of Netflix, Primevideo, Hotstar, etc.

Nosey APK Free Download on Android

But what makes Nosey app so unique? Basically, majority of OTT platforms comes along to bring out something that people are looking forward at. We all are been tired paying lump sum amount on OTT platforms in the form of ‘subscription’. But Nosey doesn’t require anything like it. It is free to use, and yet has everything that any OTT platforms would offer. This application is created by third-party app developers, hence it may not be available on play store for your Android. So to download Nosey APK on android, you would need to follow our article till very end. Check Out: Flixoid Mod APK  (No Ads) Free Download on Android (Official).

Features | Nosey APK on Android

Nosey APK does have a lot to offer. But to make you aware of all the amazing applications, here is something that you would love to know.

  • User-Interface: Nosey has one of the best user interface possible. That simply calls on to all the age groups when they want to stream something online. It won’t be difficult even a bit. That’s what makes it special.
  • Free to use: So Nosey is free to use. Ah! Are we serious? Yes we are serious about this. Nosey APK is free to use and has a lot to offer. You do not have to pay anything to the application to use it.
  • No credentials required: From now on, you do not have to enter those lagging credentials again and again to gain access to your streaming appetite. You can simply open Nosey and start using it right away.
  • No rotting required: Even though this application is free to use, and developed by third-party developers, you do not have to root the device.
  • Amazing content: Unlike other OTT platforms, Nosey has almost everything that you are searching for. Beginning with movies to TV shows, it is one-stop destination. So, you do not have to worry about anything and the application will surely provide top-notch content all the time.

Nosey APK Information - Android MOD APK - Ad Free

Nosey APK Information – 

App NameNosey APK
Latest Versionv9.6.0
Android RequirementsAndroid 4.4 & Above
Need Rooting ??No
License TypeFree

One of the best benefits of Latest Nosey APK is right above. To know more, it is better that you start using this amazing application to know everything about it. You should check out – OnStream APK Download on Android [LATEST].

Download & Install Nosey APK on Android

You cannot directly download this third-party application on your Android device. Just follow the steps below to easily install Nosey right away.

  • Go to settings and allow your preferable browser to download from unknown sources.
  • Open your browser and search for Nosey APK. Open the link given below.

v9.6.0 –

  Download Nosey APK v9.6.0

   Nosey APK

  • Navigate the website and click on ‘Download’ button. If not click here to start downloading Nosey APK.
  • Once Nosey APK is downloaded, let the download manager install it on your device.


  • After installation, go to Settings and give all the permissions this application is asking for.

Nosey latest apk

Phew! That’s it. You can now start using Nosey on your android device for free. That was easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use Nosey on my android device?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Nosey app on your android device. It is just a third-party streaming application. Just make sure that you download it from trusted sources only.

2. Do I need to root my device to download Nosey?

No you do not have to root your device to download Nosey. You can simply download it using an APK file. Follow our guide above to start downloading Nosey instantly.

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Final Words – Nosey APK for Android [Ad-Free]

We hope that you are enjoying streaming movies on Nosey APK. Even though this app is developed by third-party developers, it surely has a lot to offer. Do not forget to share your feedback with us relating to your experience. Also share this guide with your friends and family, so that they can enjoy this application as much as you are doing. Till next time, kudos!

Thank You. PRIME MOD APK v5.10.7.0 [PAID for Free]

For those interested in listening to radio stations and podcasts, you can now have a free source for browsing and enjoying your videos, thanks to this amazing mobile app of PRIME APK and its amazing features. Enjoy listening to your favorite radio streams on the go using the accessible mobile app and its intuitive UI. PRIME MOD PRIME MOD APK Download PRIME Paid Version for Free is a program that compiles a wide variety of radio stations into one convenient location, allowing users to listen to an incredible abundance of podcasts. You can quickly find the station you’re looking for, or you may select to subscribe to the podcasters you enjoy listening to. Concurrently, you can locate enhancements that truly round out your experience. Check Out: Download MoviesFaster APK v1.2 on Android (Ad-Free). Prime APK | Features:

If you are looking forward to some amazing features that prime mod provides, then you are at the right place. Here are a few of them:

  • Best podcast experience: Users of the updated version of PRIME can customize their podcast alerts in several ways. You can subscribe to your favorite podcasters’ feeds to automatically download new episodes whenever they’re released.
  • Optimization: After tuning in to any radio station, you’ll find more tools in PRIME to enhance your listening experience.
  • Chromecast compatibility: Connecting to Chromecast or another TV is a great tool for individuals who wish to listen to radio or podcasts on a different device.
  • Elegant and simple: In its simplicity, this application’s accessibility may be argued for by a wide range of people.

Also, Users can access a plethora of radio stations specializing in a variety of musical styles, each of which can be enjoyed in one’s preferred manner. Podcasts, like radio stations, offer carefully curated content and information based on the listener’s preferences. The application provides you with some customization options, such as a sleep timer, to provide a consistent and high-quality experience.

So, are you impressed with all these amazing features of the app? Let’s move forward and find out how you can download this amazing application for free. PRIME Paid Full Version Info

App Prime MOD APK
Latest Versionv5.10.7.0
Mod FeaturesPaid Version for FREE (Unlocked)

Download & Install on Android [Full Version Unlocked APK]

You can easily download the MOD APK of PRIME on your device by following the below steps:

  • Go to Settings and allow your device’s browser to download via third-party sources.
  • You can also click here to start downloading the prime APK file.

Latest Version v5.10.7.0 –

Download radio.Net Prime v5.10.7.0 APK

   Radio Net APK [MOD]

  • Once the APK file is downloaded, click on it to install. APK PRIME MOD Pro FREE

  • The installation will begin and it will take couple of seconds. APK Installed on Android

  • After the application is installed, go to Settings > Apps and give all permissions to the unlocked app and you will be able to access the app from home screen. apk on homescreen

Simple, isn’t it? That’s how you can download this app which is paid for free within minutes.

How To Use Prime Unlocked on Android?

Now that you have successfully installed Prime APK, you can take advantage of the platform’s functionality in ways that weren’t before possible.

Listen to any of the numerous podcasts available, or tune in to any of the many national and interactive radio stations. APK on Android

You can arrange your playlists in any way you like, adjust the playback and streaming settings to get the most out of your radio sessions, find what you’re looking for quickly with the built-in search tools, and have a blast with the completely personalized radio hub on your mobile devices. All of which ought to let Android users get the most out of their media app.

Using this application is really easy, and you do not have to face any hassle at all.

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HDO BOX APK Download on Android [LATEST]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to download APK on my android device?

Yes, it is completely safe to download on your android device. As we mentioned, this application helps you listen to various podcasts and brings a unique radio experience; it is completely safe to use. Make sure to download using trusted sources.

2. Do I need to root my device to download prime mod version?

You can skip rooting your android device to download this amazing radio app. You can follow our guide above to download it for free.

3. isn't working; what to do?

If prime isn't working, first uninstall the application. Now follow our guide and reinstall the application. Finally, reboot your device and open the application again. This amazing mod version of prime will start working.

Check this Out: PRIME MOD APK – Download

Android users will get the best possible listening experience with Prime APK because of its user-friendly interface and extensive online library of radio stations and podcasts. Remember to share your experience with us in the comment section below. Please let us know if you have any queries, and we will surely assist you. Share this article with your friends and family, and till next time, kudos!.

Thank You.

SmartTubeNext APK v17.39 Free Download on Android [LATEST]

It’s rare to encounter someone who has never heard of YouTube at this point in their lives, unless they were never exposed to the internet in the first place. This platform is known for being the world’s largest and most popular video hosting client, as well as the second most popular search engine behind Google.

SmartTubeNext APK Free Download
SmartTubeNext APK Free Download

Indeed, this massive video behemoth has a lot to offer and is compatible with nearly all smart devices on the market, if not all. When you have a huge audience and popularity, you are obliged to identify imperfections, no matter how little, and fabricate your own concept of perfection. Third-party programmes like SmartTubeNext APK evolved as a result, emulating YouTube’s capabilities while providing a superior service platform. Also, check out – SkyTube APK Free Download (YouTube Vanced Alternative) for Android.

SmartTubeNext APK | Features:

The SmartTubeNext APK is an open-source programme that allows users to view YouTube on a variety of streaming devices, including Smart TVs, FireStick, Fire TV, Android boxes, and even Roku, without having to install Google Play services. This isn’t to say that if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to access your Google Play account information.

You may log in to your account and access all of your subscriptions, favourite videos, playlists, shared material, and history with the SmartTubeNext APK. It’s simply a means of alerting users to the possibility of having greater control over YouTube and its features without having to pay a membership price. Yes, you may use the app to get free access to YouTube’s premium features. SmartTubeNext is the best alternative of Youtube Vance. Let’s begin to read some hand crafted features of this amazing application SmartTubeNext.

  • Organised Categories: To make it easier for users to locate what they’re searching for, the SmartTubeNext APK is divided into categories.
  • Sponsor Block: Sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders, among other YouTube video features, may be distracting, particularly when you’re trying to watch something interesting. They take the pleasure out of everything while presenting themselves in one of the longest video intros ever seen.
  • No Ads: Commercials, sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders are all enemies of a pleasant YouTube video viewing experience. These features are renowned for interfering with your watching experience and for forcing you to sit through seconds of useless information in the name of advertising.
  • Doesn’t Require Google Play services: You don’t need Google Play services to receive all of YouTube’s premium features on the go with SmartTubeNext APK.
  • Languages: Even though English is a worldwide language, many individuals prefer to watch movies in their native tongue, whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Russian, or even Hindi. SmartTubeNext APK includes a multi-language feature that lets you use the app in a number of languages.

SmartTubeNext APK Information:

App NameSmartTube Next
Publisher NameSmartTubeNext
DeveloperYuriy L
Latest Versionv17.39 Beta & v17.26
Release DateFeb 3, 2023
License TypeFree
Compatible WithAndroid

These are some of the amazing features of SmartTubeNext. Let’s begin to see how we can download the APK file on our phone. Also, Download FilmPlus APK on Android (Free) [Best HD Movies App].

Install SmartTubeNext APK on Android [STEPS]

To download the SmartTubeNext APK, you have to install it from third-party source. The app will not be available on normal play store. Follow the below steps to start downloading.

  • Our guide begins with enabling to download from unknown sources.


  • Go to your settings, and allow to ‘download from unknown source’ for your preferable browser.
  • Now, open your browser and search for ‘SmartTubeNext APK’.
  • On the below given link, scroll down and navigate to ‘Download’ button.

v17.39 APK – 

   Download smartTubeNext v17.39 APK

v17.26 APK – 

   Download smartTubeNext v17.26 APK

Stable Version – 

   Download SmartTubeNext STABLE APK

   SmartTubeNext APK

  • Click on ‘download’ button, and the device will start downloading the APK file.
  • After the APK file is downloaded, click on it, and your device will install it using download manager.

  • Once the application is installed, go to Settings, and provide all the permissions that the application is asking for.

smarttubenext installed

  • Enjoy using the app without any hassle.


Ah! This was easy right to install SmartTubeNext APK for free on your device? Now, enjoy using it without any worries.

How To Use SmartTubeNext on My Device?

Similar to using YouTube on your device, the SmartTubeNext have same working mechanism. You can simply download it through our guide above and start using it. Open the app, search for your content topic on the top in the search bar. Now, without any hassle start streaming unlimited videos.

You can download content by clicking on the ‘download’ button just below the description. The device have all the features similar to YouTube and much more. Don’t forget to check – Cinema HD v2.4.0 APK (MOD – No Ads) Download – Best HD Movies App out there.

Changelog of SmartTubeNext APK

Changelog of v17.09

  • Player bug fixed – repeated videos in shuffle mode.
  • Stability issues fixed.
  • Fixed some live streams which aren’t available in full length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it save to download SmartTubeNext on my device?

Yes, it is safe to download SmartTubeNext on your device. You can enjoy unlimited streaming. The app is just developed by third-party developers and is complete free to use.

Q - Do I need to root my device to download SmartTubeNext on my device?

No, you do not have to root your device to download SmartTubeNext on your device. You can simply download it using our guide above. Make sure to download only from trusted sources.

Q - My SmartTubeNext app crashed, what to do?

If your SmartTubeNext app crashed, do not worry, just reinstall the application or reboot your device. It will fix the problem. Follow our guide above for any queriews.

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Conclusion – SmartTubeNext APK Download on Android [YouTube Vanced]

Looks like you are now enjoying to use SmartTubeNext APK on your device. We hope that you didn’t find it difficult at all to download the application on your device. Make sure to share your feedback in the comment section below. If you have any queries, please let us know. We would love to help you in guiding through all the hassle process.

Thank You.

Install HDO BOX APK on FireStick in 1 Min [STEPS]

With HDO Box App on Firestick/Fire TV, you get to explore thousands of popular as well as latest movies free of cost. New to join the caravan of free movie streaming apps, HDOBox is already garnering a ton of praises from the users. Being fast and powerful along with the fact that you can virtually find any movie on the app, makes HDO Box worthwhile to install on Firestick/Fire TV.

Let us check out more about the app and how to install the same on Firestick or Fire TV. Check out: Install TVMob APK on FireStick Under 1 Min [STEPS – 2023].

HDO Box App for Firestick/Fire TV- What’s New?

The straightforward user interface of the application makes it smooth for the users to walk around the application. The app receives timely updates in the form of new movies and TV shows. Hailed as the best tracker ever, the application never lets you miss out on your preferred shows as you can keep a track of your favorite content on the application. Following are some more major features of the HDO Box Movies app.

  • Well-Organized Interface

When you launch the application you will see a list of movies and TV series neatly organized as per their genres. Moreover, the application allows you to customize the design of the interface as well.

  • Cloud Storage

With the availability of cloud storage; you can access your preferred content on any device you wish to.

  • Get Notified of your Favorites

You can mark content as your favorite on the application. Thereafter, whatever news comes up regarding that content, you will get a notification for the same.

  • High-Quality Servers

The high-quality servers used at the backend ensure that you don’t have to face any kind of buffering issue while streaming your favorite content.

  • Content Information

With every content, you can read a synopsis and a great deal of information on the actors that are playing their part in the content.

Moving ahead, let us check out the steps for HDO Box Download on Firestick.

Install HDO Box APK on Firestick [Steps]

Before we can start with the installation of HDOBox on Firestick, you require taking care of the following prerequisites.

  • Go to Settings > Device > Developer Options and turn ON the option of Unknown Sources.


  • Make sure you have the Downloader App installed on your Firestick.


  • Launch the Downloader application on your Fire device.

Downloader Apps

  • Under the Home option in the Downloader application, please key in the following URL to download the HDOBox APK file on your Firestick.


Enter URL

  • A pop-up will come up on your Firestick asking whether you wish to install HDOBox APK.
  • Go ahead with the installation process.


  • Once the installation is complete hit the Done button to come out of the installation window.

HDO Box APK Installed on FireStick - STEPS

  • Now, your Fire device will ask whether you wish to delete the APK file of the application from your device. We recommend going ahead with the deletion of the APK file. Simply hit the Delete button twice.


That’s it! HDO Box APK on Firestick is installed. Navigate to Your Apps and Channels. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the icon added. You can bring the icon to the beginning of the list or simply add it to your device’s home screen.

How to Integrate Trakt TV Account with HDO Box?

Follow the below steps to integrate your Trakt TV Account with HDO Box.

  • Navigate to Settings > Sync Trakt.
  • A dialog box will come up stating that your Fire device wants to utilize to sign in.


  • Now you will get redirected to the website wherein you require entering your Trakt TV credentials to sign in.
  • When you enter your Trakt TV credentials, the website will ask whether you wish to allow HDO Box to use your account.
  • Just tap on

That’s it! You have successfully integrated your Trakt TV account with HDO Box.

Is HDO Box Legal ?

Especially for this, we did a malicious test using VirusTotal, fortunately, it didn’t find anything serious. It passed all the tests. You can find the scan results in the below attached image.

Is HDO Box Safe and Legal ??

Anyhow, this HDO Box APK is not officially available on Amazon Apps Store and Google Apps Store. So, you really can’t rely on these third party tools to verify the legality of this application. We recommend you all to use ExpressVPN which we also using personally.

 HDO Box APK | [FAQs]

Q – Can I integrate my Real-Debrid account with HDO Box?

Yes! You can integrate your Real-Debrid account as well with HDO Box. Simply navigate to Settings and tap on the option Log in Real Debrid. You will receive an Activation Code on the next screen which you require entering on the website to successfully integrate your Real-Debrid account with HDO Box.

Q – Does HDO Box comes with subtitles?

Yes! The content available on HDO Box comes with subtitles.

Q – Do I have to invest in a VPN service before initiating streaming on HDO Box?

You really don’t require a VPN service for streaming content on HDO Box. However, if you are a movie buff and stream way too much or indulge in downloading content as well, we recommend investing in a good VPN service.

Q – Is HDO Box Safe?

Yes! HDO Box is safe to download, install, and use on your Firestick device.

HDO Box APK Alternatives – Similar Apps to HDO Box

In case, if you are looking for Best HDO Box Alternatives – Similar Apps, I would highly suggest you all to use below mentioned verified apps. These all are verified by our team, you can use them without worrying much about it.

  • TVMob APK
  • CyberFlix TV
  • Cinema HD
  • BeeTV
  • OnStream APK
  • Flix Vision App
  • Swift Streamz APK

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Final Words – HDO Box APK for Firestick

HDO Box APK on Firestick is a great application to stream the latest as well as popular movies for free on your Firestick device. The application receives timely updates in the form of new content so you are never short of the latest content on the application. Install HDOBox on Firestick and let us know about your experience with the application in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

Cyrose HD APK v1.9.5 Download on Android [OFFICIAL]

Well, if you are an avid streamer and looking forward to watching a lot of TV series and movies that will amaze you, then Cyrose HD APK is the best application that will help you stream them right away. It often happens when you do not have any option of 1080p or 4K HD resolution to watch. So, CyroseHD makes this issue sorted. You can stream any media in high definition quality anytime.

Cyrose HD APK Free Download
Cyrose HD APK Free Download

Even though there is a lot of competitive applications in the market, CyroseHD APK  has been taking up fame through the important features that are needed. So, let’s not waste time and look at some amazing features of the application now. a low budget. That’s why apps like Strix APK Latest version are required. Here are some of the unique features of the app. Check out: Install Nekkoto APK on FireStick in 1 Min [AniKo Invite].

 Cyrose HD APK | Features:

Not all application provides you with a vast range of features. But with the latest CyroseHD, you are the boss. You can explore tons of features like:

  • Unlimited content: You do not have any limit to exploring your movie or TV shows love. The application has a varied range of content.
  • Auto-suggestion: Ops, your movie completed? What to do next? It’s time to watch something new, Cyrose offers a good suggestion system that will help you find the next binge-watching.
  • Download: You are allowed to download any media offline so that you do not miss any fun due to buffering.
  • Quality: Cyrose doesn’t affect the quality that they offer. They have the best quality provision that will help you understand the best quality that exists for any media.
  • No login required: You do not have to register or login onto Cyrose like any other OTT platform. It is a raw application, simply download and start using it now.

Cyrose HD APK Information – 

App NameCyrose HD APK
Latest Versionv1.9.5
License TypeFree
Need Rooting ??No

Oh! Aren’t these features just amazing? Let’s look at how we can download the Cyrose application on an Android phone now.

Cyrose HD APK Download

It isn’t that easy to download any application nowadays. Due to security issues and other effective things, people want to know how they can download various applications. Let’s begin our guide to understand how to download the latest version of Cyrose HD APK i.e. v1.8.5.

  • First, go to settings and search for downloads. Enable downloads from unknown sources so that we do not get any issues.
  • Now, visit the official Cyrose HD website and download CyroseHD v1.8.5 APK file. You can even download the application by clicking below [Drive Link].

v1.9.5 APK – 

   Cyrose HD v1.9.5

v1.9.2 APK –

   Download Cyrose HD APK v1.9.2

   Download MPlayer APK (v1.9.3)

  • Once the APK is downloaded. Just go to the location and click the APK.

  • Now it will ask whether you want to install the Application or not, just Click yes and Continue.


  • Once the installation is done,  Open the application now to use it without any hassle.

Wow, that was easy, right? So, you have finally installed Cyrose HD APK v1.8.5 on your Android device. Let’s begin our guide to understand how we can use the application.

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How To Use CyroseHD APK on Android?

Like any other OTT platform, you can use CyroseHD. Just open the application, you will find an amazing interface that will allow you to stream any media for free.

On the top right, you can find the search button, which you can use to find any of your favourite content. You can even choose something from the homepage, or suggestions section.

cyrose hd ui

Finally, you can click on the menu button to find various options to stream from.

To download any content, click on the media that you want to download such as movies or TV shows, now you can find the description of the media below. Exactly besides that, you can find a download button. You can find all downloads in the phone’s storage. So make sure to download all your favourite content to ease in your streaming without any buffer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it safe to use Cyrose HD v1.8.5 on my android device?

Yes, it is totally safe to use Cyrose HD on your phone. It is just a streaming application to enhance your streaming right away. You can safely download any media content through it.

Q - Do I need to root my device to download Cyrose HD?

No, you do not have to root your device to download Cyrose HD. You can download Cyrose v1.8.5 from secured sources. Follow our guide above to enjoy unlimited streaming.

Q - Can I download media from Cyrose application?

Yes, you can easily download any media from Cyrose application. Follow our guide above and move to the ‘how to use’ section. The experience will be amazing.

Check it out:

Conclusion – Cyrose HD APK Download on Android

So, how was your experience with the CyroseHD APK application? Did you enjoy using this application to stream? Make sure to give us feedback so that other users understand the comfort to download the application.

If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you. We hope that all the features that we have mentioned above are used enormously. We are waiting to listen to your response and we hope that you enjoy it a lot.

ViewBox APK (v1.7.9) Free Download on Android [PREMIUM]

ViewBox APK is surely one of the best application to watch movies and TV series. You may also wonder that in this competitive world, and how can this Download ViewBox serve media content for free. Well it is nothing to be wondered about. Basically, you have to start understanding that, since third-party developers have taken the initiative, they generalize the quality of the application and serve this content for free. You can basically watch any type of content such has movies and TV series that were launched recently and bring forward a quality me-time every day.

ViewBox Mod APK Free Download on Android
ViewBox Mod APK Free Download on Android

This application is free to use, and has a great collection. Latest ViewBox APK is an amazing approach that competes with all the OTT platforms. You can surely find few more third-party applications that provides the same service, but ViewBox offers better flow of content, and shows initiative towards simplicity. There are several more features that will amaze you. Continue to read our article till very end and enjoy the usage of ViewBox on Android. Check out: Nekkoto APK Download on Android [Aniko Invite].

ViewBox APK on Android | Features:

There are a tons of features of ViewBox that will pop out your interest, but we have brought these specific ones right here.

  • Free content: You do not have to pay anything to watch movies on ViewBox. Yes, inspite of several OTT platforms charging tons of money, ViewBox is completely free to use. That’s what makes it popular.
  • No login required: Phew! You may also be tired of hoping on some generalised login with credentials every now and then. But to make is simpler, ViewBox doesn’t ask for any authentication. You can simply click on the App icon and use it directly.
  • Unlimited content: Any latest movies or TV series that release shows up on ViewBox. This particular application on Android provides a huge collection of content like no-other.
  • No Rooting: You do not have to root your Android device to download this third-party application. This application can be directly downloaded, just follow our guide below to get it done.
  • Download offline: Similar to other OTT platforms, you can directly download the content offline and access it via application. This is great, right?
  • Media player: ViewBox application on Android has its own streaming media player. That simply put, you can enjoy content without going to any other application.

ViewBox APK Information – 

App NameViewBox APK
DeveloperViewBox Dev
Latest Versionv1.7.9
Root Required ??No
License TypeFree

These all features shows how beautiful this application is, right? But these are just few countable ones. There are a lot many benefits of ViewBox APK, and it can be visible once you start using it.

Download & Install ViewBox APK [MOD – No Ads] on Android

You can download ViewBox for free on your Android device just with few steps. Follow the below guide to do it easily. You can also check out – Movie Box Pro Mod APK Free Download on Android [LATEST].

  • Go to Settings and enable ‘download from unknown sources’ to your preferable browser.
  • Once done, open your browser and search for ViewBox APK.
  • Open the official website, and click on download button. Or else click here to start downloading ViewBox APK.

ViewBox v1.7.9 APK:

   Download ViewBox v1.7.9 APK

ViewBox v1.7.8 APK:

  Download ViewBox v1.7.8 APK

   ViewBox APK

  • Once ViewBox APK is downloaded, let the download manager install the application.

Install Viewbox APK

  • After the application is installed, go to Settings and provide all the required permissions.

Viewbox UI

Now, open ViewBox and start using it right away. It is time that you explore all amazing media content directly from this amazing app.

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ViewBox APK Contains – 

  • Movies, TV Shows, & Favorites
  • Popular Action Movies
  • Horror, Family, Thriller and Romance
  • Popular in anime.

Changelog of ViewBox v1.7.8 APK:

  • Builtin player crashing bug fixed.
  • Few improvements added.
  • More providers and resolvers added.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use ViewBox on Android?

Yes, it is completely safe to use ViewBox on Android. You can start using the application for your daily streaming needs. Just make sure you download ViewBox from official sources only.

2. Do I need to root my device to use ViewBox on Android?

No you do not have to root your device to download ViewBox on Android. You can download the APK file and enjoy using it right away. Follow our guide above to download ViewBox on Android without rooting.

3. ViewBox stopped working, what to do?

If ViewBox stopped working on your Android device, simply uninstall the application and reinstall it following our guide. Reboot the device after doing so, the application will start working.

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ViewBox APK(MOD) Free Download on Android

Hopefully, we guess you are enjoying ViewBox application on your Android device. The application is completely free to use and available on android device via APK file. Share your feedback on ViewBox application. If you have any queries, let us know, we will surely help you. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends and family. Till next time, kudos!

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Flixoid Mod APK v1.9.9.1 Free Download on Android (Official)

If you are looking for an online movie streaming app as good as Terrarium TV, then you should really give it a try to the Flixoid APK. After the shutting down of the Terrarium TV app, there were no proper apps to stream online movies, TV shows, Web series, documentaries, etc for free. But after the launch of the Flixoid app, users were really happy to see the features similar to the Terrarium TV present in the Flixoid app. 

Flixoid APK Free Download
Flixoid APK Free Download

Features like fast streaming, subtitles, quick updates which are unique to Terrarium TV are also present in the Latest Flixoid APK. All the movies, TV shows, and web series which were available in the Terrarium TV are completely available in the Flixoid app too. Along with those movies, new movies are also added recently. Check out: CucoTV APK Download on Android [Mod/Ad-Free].

 Flixoid APK | Features:

If you were a Terrarium TV user, the Flixoid app will feel like an exact copy of the Terrarium TV app for you. All the features of Terrarium TV are restored in the Flixoid app. Along with those features, new features are also included. Here are some of the unique features of the app.

Flixoid MOD (Unlocked) APK Information – 

App NameFlixoid APK
Root Required?No
DeveloperFlixoid Dev
  • High-quality streaming links: Movies and TV shows in the app are available in high-quality links. Most commonly available quality of videos are 144p, 320p, 720p, 1080p. Some latest movies are available in 4K quality which streams without buffering.
  • Frequent movie updates: New movies and TV show episodes are added almost. So you will get new content to watch every day. Bugs are also fixed in each new update.
  • Huge library of streaming links: You can watch all movies from Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Malluwood using the app. All the streaming links are available in it’s the best quality. The library is well categorised and you can search for your movie in its respective category and find it easily.
  • Pre-loaded subtitles: Movies in the Flixoid app have pre-loaded subtitles from more than 100 languages. You can choose the language and start watching your show with subtitles. You need not download and include them separately. 
  • No buffer streaming: Streaming links in the Flixoid app can be streamed without any buffering. It chooses streaming links that have good connectivity and server health so that you can watch movies without any interruption.
  • Download movies offline: You can download the TV shows/movies in the app for free into the local storage of your device. Make sure you have the necessary storage space before you download the movie. You can watch the downloaded movies later without an internet connection. 

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Install Flixoid APK on Android [Latest Version]

Due to copyright issues, the Flixoid app is not available in the Play Store or Amazon app store. To install the Flixoid app you need to use the Flixoid APK file. We have explained to you the steps to download and install the Flixoid app on your device using the Flixoid APK. Follow every step without skipping to install the app without any errors.

  • First, you need to download the Flixoid APK file from the below-given link using the browser on your android device. Flixoid APK file size will be around 27MB. Make sure you have the necessary storage space in your device before download/installation. 

   Flixoid APK


   Download Flixoid v1.9.9.1 APK


   Download Flixoid v1.5 Mod APK (No Ads)

  • To install an app using the APK file you need to enable the “Unknown sources” option. Go to Settings -> Security -> Device and Management -> Unknown Sources. Turn ON this option to let the device allow you to install the app.
  • Now open the Downloads folder and find the location of the downloaded Flixoid APK file.

flixoid install

  • Click on the Flixoid APK file and the app will proceed to install. During installation, the app will request permissions to access Media files and file storage.
  • Grant them access and the installation will be complete.

latest flixoid installed

  • You can now launch the app from the home screen of the device.

flixoid ui

  • Select your favorite movies using the search bar on the home page of the app and enjoy streaming.

flixoid download android

Note: If you get an error called “Blocked by play protect” then you can just click on install anyway to proceed with the installation. This is one of my favorite movies app, you can check it out – MovieBox Pro VIP Free APK Download on Android [No Root Required].

Flixoid APK[No Ads] | [FAQs]

Q - Does the Flixoid App Support Real-Debrid?

Yes, the Flixoid app supports Real-Debrid. To integrate Real-Debrid you need to include the add-on on the app and share the code on the website Once the code is verified the Real-Debrid will be activated on the app. Real-Debrid helps you watch streams without buffering.

Q - How to add subtitles to a movie in the Flixoid app?

Flixoid app already has pre-downloaded subtitles with all the movies/TV shows. You can just enable the subtitles from the in-built video player. To enable subtitles, play a movie -> click on settings -> enable subtitles. You can also change the subtitle language in the settings.

Q - Is It a Safe Application?

Yes, it’s a safe application.

Q - Is Flixoid Ad-Free?

We can use the Mod (Ad-Free) version if you want to get rid of those normal also from the app.

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Conclusion – Flixoid MOD APK Free Download for Android

Hope you have learned the way to Download and Install Flixoid APK for android device. To stream movies using the Flixoid app, you need to have a stable internet connection. If you have any clarifications regarding the installation of the app you can ask us using the comment box below.

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ViMusic APK Download (YouTube Music Premium – No ADS)

Vi Music APK [Free YouTube Music Client] | Download on Android Mobile/Tablets – If you are using YouTube Music, then getting irritated from all those annoying ads is a no-brainer.

ViMusic APK Free Download (YouTube Music Without Ads)
ViMusic APK Free Download (YouTube Music Without Ads)

While you certainly can opt for YouTube Premium, but you need to keep shelling out the subscription cost periodically to retain the facility. In this post, we are going to tell you how you can get the YouTube Music Premium features free with the help of Vi Music Android APK. You can check out – Pulsar Music Player APK for Android – (Pro Unlocked).

What is ViMusic Android APK?

You can call ViMusic MOD APK a free YouTube client that allows you to stream songs from YouTube as well as YouTube Music. You can enjoy your favorite music from YouTube Music via Vi Music App APK even while your mobile’s screen is off. Check out the amazing features of ViMusic below.

  • Play any video or song from YouTube / YouTube Music.
  • Background playback.
  • Get songs, artists, albums, playlists, and video info.
  • Bookmark your favorite albums/artists.
  • Import playlists.
  • Get song lyrics and if you want, you can retrieve and edit them as well.
  • Choose between light, dark, or a dynamic theme.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Audio normalisation.
  • Auto play facility for Android devices.
  • Re-order the songs in a playlist or a queue.
  • Ability to play age restricted songs/videos as well from YouTube Music.


ViMusic MOD APK (No Ads) Information

App NameViMusic APK
Latest Versionv0.5.4
CategoryEntertainment (YouTube – No Ads)
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 & Above
License TypeFree
Need Rooting ??No

The biggest feature perhaps is that you get to enjoy all the above features without paying a single dime from your pocket. Moreover, the application does not demand a rooted Android mobile device to work. My favorite app for our favorite readers: SpotiFlyer APK Download on Android [Full Unlocked].

[How-To] Download ViMusic Android App FREE [No Root Required]

The app is open source and you can check it out on the GitHub page. To download the Vi Music Latest APK file directly, tap on the link provided below.

   Download ViMusic APK (LATEST)

However, before you initiate the download process, make sure you toggle ON the option of Unknown Apps for the browser app that you are utilizing to download the above APK File. Assuming its Google Chrome, please navigate to Settings > Apps > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps > Google Chrome > Allow from this source.


Install ViMusic APK for Android [FREE Download]

  • Tap on the downloaded APK file to start with the installation process.
  • Ignore the Play Protect Warning by tapping on Details > Install Anyway.

Install ViMusic YouTube Music Premium for FREE

  • Give the required permissions.
  • Now, the installation process will start.
  • Exit the installation screen after the process is complete.
  • You will have the app icon now on the home screen as well as in the app drawer of your Android mobile device.

Install ViMusic YouTube Music Premium for FREE Android

  • Launch the application. Enjoy the music without any ads.

ViMusic MOD APK UI - No ADS (No Premium)

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Is ViMusic Ad-Free?


Q – Is ViMusic App Safe?

You do not require rooting your Android device for the app to work thereby making it safe to download and install.

Q – Can I download songs on ViMusic?

The app is a third party YouTube Music client that gives you access to certain premium features free. However, as of now, the download facility is not available.

Q – Can I play songs from my local playlist on ViMusic?

Yes! The app lets you manage your local playlist as well.

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Final Words – ViMusic Android APK Free Download

That is how you get the amazing ViMusic APK up and running on your Android mobile device. If you run into any kind of issues during installation or while using the application, drop us a note in the comments below and we will get back to you with a working solution for the issue. Till then, enjoy the amazing music!

Thank You.


Install TVMob APK on FireStick Under 1 Min [STEPS – 2023]

No advertisements, completely free to use with no hidden costs or in-app charges, compatible with Android Boxes, and impeccable servers; these are some of the major features of TvMob APK. TvMob Firestick APK is an Android app that lets you stream Live TV in HD covering popular channels from the UK, the USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy, and more. There is newer version of TVTap pro is really impressive and user-friendly too.

TVMob APK Free Download on FireStick
TVMob APK Free Download on FireStick

Garnering a tremendous amount of popularity, TvMob APK is receiving a lot of love from users worldwide. Let us check how you can install TvMob App on Firestick/Fire TV. Check out: Flix Vision APK Download on Android [MOD].

TVMob on Firestick | Features:

One of the top reasons behind preferring TVMob Live TV App for Firestick is its amazing user interface. The interface is extremely simple to understand and use. This makes it highly convenient to navigate around the interface of the app using your Firestick remote. Check out some more features of TVMob Latest APK.

  • You can add the channel that you stream often to the Bookmarks list. This way you can access it quickly from the Favorites list and tap on it to initiate streaming.
  • On the application, you can check out the Schedule as well for your favorite TV shows.
  • The application searches for the best-quality streams available online.
  • The user interface neatly holds different categories like Entertainment, Sports, Documentaries, Music, and more. Underneath these categories, the corresponding channels are present.
  • The application doesn’t ask you to sign-up or create a profile to use the services. Just install the app, launch it, and start streaming your favorite channels right away.
  • The internal player of TvMob is enough to give you a great streaming experience on your Firestick/Fire TV.

Impressed with the features? Go ahead! Check out the steps to download and install TvMob Live TV App on Firestick. However, before that, let us cover a few installation prerequisites. Check out:  TVMob APK Download on Android [TVTap Pro].

TvMob on Firestick – Installation Prerequisites

Prior to initiating the installation of TvMob on Fire TV, you need to take care of the following prerequisites.

  • Please navigate to Settings > My Fire Device > Developer Options.


  • TURN ON the option of Apps from Unknown Sources.


  • Please make sure you have the Downloader App present on your Firestick device.
  • To download the Downloader App, simply search for Downloader using the Search option present on the home screen of your Firestick device.

Downloader App on firestick

  • Tap on the Downloader app from the search results and hit Get to install the same on your Firestick.

open downloader

Once you are done with the above prerequisites, you are all set to install TvMob.

Install TVMob Live TV APK on Firestick [STEPS]

  • Launch the Downloader App and provide the permissions it asks for.

open downloader and click allow

  • From the side menu of the app, go to Settings and activate Enable JavaScript.

Enable Javascript on FireStick - STEPS

  • Next, under Home option, enter the below URL in the space provided and hit Continue.

Enter URL

  • The TvMob Latest APK file will start downloading now.


  • After the download is complete, your Firestick will launch the APK and ask whether you wish to go ahead with the installation process. Please provide your confirmation for the same.

Install TVMob APK on FireStick - Step by Step Guide

  • Wait for the installation to complete and an App Installed screen to come up.

TVMob APK Open on FireStick - Installed (TVTap Pro)

  • Exit the screen.
  • When your Firestick asks you whether you wish to delete the APK; please go ahead with the deletion to converse the space on your Fire device. Tap on Delete and then hit Delete.


  • Navigate to Your Apps and Channels.
  • Scroll down to the end of the list.
  • You will have TvMob present at the end of the list.

tvmob on firestick

  • From here, you can either bring it to the beginning of the list or add it to the home screen of your Fire device for quick access.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed TvMob Free Live TV Streaming App on Firestick.

TVMob Available Channels

TVMob has some of the best channels available in the world. You can use this app, and stream them all for absolutely at free of cost. You can check out few of those channels below.

  • 3 sat
  • 4seven
  • 5usa
  • A&E
  • ABC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC
  • Bein
  • Boomerang
  • BT Sport
  • Cartoon Network
  • CBC
  • CBS
  • Cinemagic
  • Cinemax and many more

Best TVMob Alternatives – Similar Apps like TVMob APK

In case if you are looking the best alternative for TVMob(TVTap Pro), we highly suggest you to check out below mentions apps which we personally tested with our team.

  • OceanStreamz APK
  • Rapid Streamz APK
  • Ocean Streamz App
  • Dynasty TV on FireStick
  • YacineTV App
  • PeacockTV
  • Live NetTV APK
  • TiviMate IPTV 
  • BeeTV

TVMob on Firestick | [FAQs]

Q – Is VPN necessary with TVMob?

We do recommend subscribing to a good VPN service before initiating streaming on TvMob Ad-Free APK on Firestick.

Q – Does TVMob really doesn’t have ads?

The application does have ads. However, there’s an option of Remove Ads. This option, instead of charging you, simply takes a confirmation from you that you will allow the app to use a fraction of your WiFi or Cellular Data. Later on, if you change your mind, you can toggle your permission in the internal settings of the application.

tvmob on firestick

Q – Is TVMob free?

Yes! The application doesn’t charge you anything for its services. No hidden costs or in-app charges are a part of TvMob.

Q – Do we have TVMob on iOS?

As of now, TvMob is present only for Android mobile, Android Boxes, and Firestick. The developers are yet to announce a version of TvMob for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

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Final Words –  TVMob Latest APK on Firestick/Fire TV

We hope by now you are using TvMob to stream your favorite TV channels on Firestick. If you land into any kind of trouble during the installation, please let us know via the comments section provided below and we will help you out on a priority basis. Also, we will love to know your feedback regarding the services and the performance of TvMob on Firestick. Happy Streaming!

FilmPlus APK v1.7.0 Free Download on Android (LATEST)

If you are thinking that the good old days of Terrarium are over, think again. Built from scratch, FilmPlus APK is Terrarium resurrected for you. Please note that the work on FilmPlus App is from the ground up and it is not a modded version of Terrarium. Let’s check how FilmPlus Latest Ad-Free APK makes you relive the Terrarium experience on Android devices.

FilmPlus APK v1.3.3 Download
FilmPlus APK Free Download

The real benefit of FilmPlus Ad-Free APK is that, apart from Android mobile devices, you can Install FilmPlus on Amazon Firestick, 4K & Lite, Windows PC, MAC Computer, and even Roku. So, on whatever device you wish to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, you can do so by installing FilmPlus App.

FilmPlus MOD APK – Features:

Unlike Terrarium, FilmPlus App on Android comes with the latest link scraping technology. With the help of this technology, the app pulls a good number of links for movies and TV shows. These links include normal as well as real-debrid links.

  • tv allows you to keep a track of your streaming history.
  • Please note that the application pulls links up to 1080p HD and even in 4K quality.
  • FilmPlus Latest APK comes with Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and All Debrid support.
  • The developers kept the interface similar to Terrarium TV to give you a nostalgic feel.
  • The search fetches links with mostly Google Servers running at the backend.
  • There is a facility to download your favorite movie or TV show and watch the same offline.
  • You can put up an alert that will let you know once the new episodes of a particular TV series that you are watching or a movie come up.
  • Add your favorite movies and TV shows in the Favorites section to quickly access them.

FilmPlus Latest APK Info

App NameFilmPlus APK
Latest Versionv1.7.0
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 & Later
License TypeFree
Root Required ??No
Release date2023

To install FilmPlus Streaming App on Android, you need to download the latest APK file on your device. For your convenience, we have provided the link to download the same on your Android device below. You can also check out – Pluto TV APK Free Download on Android [Best Live TV App].

FilmPlus v1.7.0 APK:

   Download FilmPlus v1.7.0 APK

FilmPlus v1.6.8 APK:

   Download FilmPlus v1.6.8 APK

Filelink code: 26337862

Downloader App code: 52193

   FilmPlus APK

Install FilmPlus MOD Ad-Free APK on Android

Since, FilmPlus app is not available on the official Google Play Store, before you can start with the installation, please navigate to Settings > Security on your Android device and toggle ON the option of Unknown Sources.

  • Navigate to the download location of the APK file on your device.
  • Tap on the FilmPlus APK.

Install Filmplus APK

  • A prompt will come up asking whether you wish to install this application. Please tap on Install.

FilmPlus APK Installed on Android

  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Once complete, exit the installation screen.

filmplus APK UI

  • Check out the home screen of your Android device to locate the icon of FilmPlus.

How to Use FilmPlus App on Android

  • When you will launch the application, an interface similar to Terrarium will greet you.
  • You can either look for your favorite content directly using the Search function OR you can check out filters like Trending, Popular, Top Rated, and different genres.

filmplus APK LATEST

  • Simply tap on a title to go to the info page wherein you can read more about the content you are about to stream.
  • Tap on the Play button to start streaming online for free on FilmPlus.

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Changelog of v1.6.4 APK:

  • Crashing bug fixed.
  • Add std links.
  • 5 New link providers added.
  • VPN Link added.

Changelog of v1.4.5 APK:

  • Crash bug fixed.
  • 5 New link providers added.

Changelog of v1.4.2 APK:

  • 5 New link providers.
  • VPN link added.

Changelog of v1.4.1 APK:

  • Crash bug fixed.
  • 5 New link providers added.

Changelog of v1.4.0 APK:

  • Crashing bugs fixed.
  • Added 5 more link providers.

Changelog of v1.3.5 APK:

  • The crashing bug was fixed.
  • 5 Link providers were added.
  • 5 New link providers were added.
  • A lot of earlier bugs were fixed in this update.

FilmPlus APK Alternatives

FilmPlus is surely one of the most amazing application to surf movies on. You will not be disappointed with the service that is provides, yet you may want to have some alternative options for it. Here are some of the best alternatives of FilmPlus APK.

Cinema HD

It is one such application that allows you to stream content in HD quality. People use it to surf all kind of online media including TV series and movies.


Yes, this particular application is surely one of the best alternatives of FilmPlus. It may not sound so, but it brings out amazing content that users surf day and night.

Nova TV

Phew! Looking for a combo of all kind of online media in one application? NovaTV has a vast collection of movies, TV series, and other media content that won’t let you get bored.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is surely one of the best alternative of FilmPlus APK. You can use this application to hop on any movie or TV shows online in HD quality. It is easy to use and people rely on it for their daily entertainment.

FilmPlus MOD APK | FAQs

Q – Does FilmPlus Contain Subtitles?

Yes! The application searches for subtitles in major languages upon initiating the playback.

Q – Is FilmPlus Ad-Free?

Yes! FilmPlus MOD APK is ad-free. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without those pesky ads ruining your experience. However, if you wish not to download the modded version, you shouldn’t worry. The ads, even if they come; they don’t come in the middle of your streaming.

Q – Can I Install FilmPlus on iOS?

Yes! You can install the FilmPlus application on iOS from AppValley.

Q – Does FilmPlus host content?

No! The application is basically a video search engine. The app doesn’t host any content.

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Conclusion – FilmPlus MOD APK Download on Android

That was FilmPlus APK on Android for you. We will love to hear about your experience of using the application on your compatible device. Reach out to us by putting down your questions, queries, and feedback in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.