SmartTubeNext APK v17.95 Free Download on Android [LATEST]

It’s rare to encounter someone who has never heard of YouTube at this point in their lives, unless they were never exposed to the internet in the first place. This platform is known for being the world’s largest and most popular video hosting client, as well as the second most popular search engine behind Google.

SmartTubeNext APK Free Download
SmartTubeNext APK Free Download

Indeed, this massive video behemoth has a lot to offer and is compatible with nearly all smart devices on the market, if not all. When you have a huge audience and popularity, you are obliged to identify imperfections, no matter how little, and fabricate your own concept of perfection. Third-party programmes like SmartTubeNext APK evolved as a result, emulating YouTube’s capabilities while providing a superior service platform. Also, check out – SkyTube APK Free Download (YouTube Vanced Alternative) for Android.


SmartTubeNext APK | Features:

The SmartTubeNext APK is an open-source programme that allows users to view YouTube on a variety of streaming devices, including Smart TVs, FireStick, Fire TV, Android boxes, and even Roku, without having to install Google Play services. This isn’t to say that if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to access your Google Play account information.

You may log in to your account and access all of your subscriptions, favourite videos, playlists, shared material, and history with the SmartTubeNext APK. It’s simply a means of alerting users to the possibility of having greater control over YouTube and its features without having to pay a membership price. Yes, you may use the app to get free access to YouTube’s premium features. SmartTubeNext is the best alternative of Youtube Vance. Let’s begin to read some hand crafted features of this amazing application SmartTubeNext.

  • Organised Categories: To make it easier for users to locate what they’re searching for, the SmartTubeNext APK is divided into categories.
  • Sponsor Block: Sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders, among other YouTube video features, may be distracting, particularly when you’re trying to watch something interesting. They take the pleasure out of everything while presenting themselves in one of the longest video intros ever seen.
  • No Ads: Commercials, sponsors, intros, outros, and subscription reminders are all enemies of a pleasant YouTube video viewing experience. These features are renowned for interfering with your watching experience and for forcing you to sit through seconds of useless information in the name of advertising.
  • Doesn’t Require Google Play services: You don’t need Google Play services to receive all of YouTube’s premium features on the go with SmartTubeNext APK.
  • Languages: Even though English is a worldwide language, many individuals prefer to watch movies in their native tongue, whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Russian, or even Hindi. SmartTubeNext APK includes a multi-language feature that lets you use the app in a number of languages.

SmartTubeNext APK Information:

App NameSmartTube Next
Publisher NameSmartTubeNext
DeveloperYuriy L
Latest Versionv17.95
Release Date2023
License TypeFree
Compatible WithAndroid

These are some of the amazing features of SmartTubeNext. Let’s begin to see how we can download the APK file on our phone. Also, Download FilmPlus APK on Android (Free) [Best HD Movies App].

Install SmartTubeNext APK on Android [STEPS]

To download the SmartTubeNext APK, you have to install it from third-party source. The app will not be available on normal play store. Follow the below steps to start downloading.

  • Our guide begins with enabling to download from unknown sources.


  • Go to your settings, and allow to ‘download from unknown source’ for your preferable browser.
  • Now, open your browser and search for ‘SmartTubeNext APK’.
  • On the below given link, scroll down and navigate to ‘Download’ button.

v17.95 APK – 

   Download smartTubeNext v17.95 APK

v17.62 APK – 

   Download smartTubeNext v17.62APK

Stable Version – 

   Download SmartTubeNext STABLE APK

   SmartTubeNext APK

  • Click on ‘download’ button, and the device will start downloading the APK file.
  • After the APK file is downloaded, click on it, and your device will install it using download manager.

  • Once the application is installed, go to Settings, and provide all the permissions that the application is asking for.

smarttubenext installed

  • Enjoy using the app without any hassle.


Ah! This was easy right to install SmartTubeNext APK for free on your device? Now, enjoy using it without any worries.

How To Use SmartTubeNext on My Device?

Similar to using YouTube on your device, the SmartTubeNext have same working mechanism. You can simply download it through our guide above and start using it. Open the app, search for your content topic on the top in the search bar. Now, without any hassle start streaming unlimited videos.

You can download content by clicking on the ‘download’ button just below the description. The device have all the features similar to YouTube and much more. Don’t forget to check – Cinema HD v2.5.1 APK (MOD – No Ads) Download – Best HD Movies App out there.

Changelog of SmartTubeNext APK

Changelog of v17.61

  • Player bug fixed – repeated videos in shuffle mode.
  • Stability issues fixed.
  • Fixed some live streams which aren’t available in full length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it save to download SmartTubeNext on my device?

Yes, it is safe to download SmartTubeNext on your device. You can enjoy unlimited streaming. The app is just developed by third-party developers and is complete free to use.

Q - Do I need to root my device to download SmartTubeNext on my device?

No, you do not have to root your device to download SmartTubeNext on your device. You can simply download it using our guide above. Make sure to download only from trusted sources.

Q - My SmartTubeNext app crashed, what to do?

If your SmartTubeNext app crashed, do not worry, just reinstall the application or reboot your device. It will fix the problem. Follow our guide above for any queriews.

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Conclusion – SmartTubeNext APK Download on Android [YouTube Vanced]

Looks like you are now enjoying to use SmartTubeNext APK on your device. We hope that you didn’t find it difficult at all to download the application on your device. Make sure to share your feedback in the comment section below. If you have any queries, please let us know. We would love to help you in guiding through all the hassle process.

Thank You.

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