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New movies and series are releasing every day. With this, the demand to get them has also increased. Nowadays, people use video streaming apps on their smartphones more than depending on conventional TV sets. Some of the series are being released exclusively on some streaming sites. Do you wish to watch all of them for free? What you need is Download CatMouse APK that can be installed on Android. There are tons of movies and TV shows in this amazing video streaming app that can be enjoyed without spending a single penny.

Cat Mouse APK offers you entertainment in hundreds of languages. There is a great range of genres to choose from. It has all the episodes of your favorite TV series so that you won’t miss any part of the story. As Latest Cat Mouse APK is available on Android, you can watch them on the go.


Features | CatMouse APK on Android

Cat Mouse APK is a Terrarium TV clone which gives you all its features and even extra services. If you are looking for pure entertainment, then CatMouse APK is the only app you need. Here are some of the features of this app which you might want to know.

  • It has thousands of movies, series, TV shows, etc that can be streamed online.
  • All the entertainment contents are available for free.
  • You can watch videos without ads.
  • The app lets you download the videos to the device directly.
  • The media library consists of video contents in HD resolution.
  • You can play videos in the in-built video player that support hundreds of video formats.
  • Entertainment contents can also be viewed in external media players.

The latest Cat Mouse APK offers you fast and easy video streaming options. You can watch the videos without even registering in the app. CatMouse APK gives you the best streaming experience on Android.

App NameCatMouse APK
App Versionv2.8
App Size9.9MB
Last UpdatedDecember, 2020
Required Android Version4.2 and Above
CategoryMovies & TV Shows

If you are looking for Apple Music alternative, I would suggest you to go ahead with Freezer APK (Stream Music from Deezer) on Android.

Install Cat Mouse APK on Android

Cat Mouse APK is the most used video streaming app that provides you with an enormous collection of entertainment contents. You can download them easily on your Android without even rooting the device. Given below is the installation method using which you can download Cat Mouse APK safely on Android.

  • First, you have to navigate to the Settings and open the Security option.
  • The Unknown Sources option will be seen here which you need to enable.

unknown sources CATMOUSE APK

  • Now, you are required to move to the browser and take the URL provided below.


  • This gives you the download page of CatMouse APK. You have to tap on the Download button in here.

catmouse APK Install

  • The APK file will be downloaded within a few minutes. Locate the file.


  • You need to open the APK following which you will get a confirmation window.
  • Tap on Allow and then hit the Install button in the window to install CatMouse APK on Android.

CatMouse APK, the best Terrarium Clone is now installed on Android. You can open it to find the largest media library consisting of the best movies and TV shows. If you are a big fan of ZiniTevi, let me tell you that it has been rebranded to AstonCine App, You can Download Latest AstonCine APK from here and enjoy the huge collection of movies and tv shows.

Why CatMouse APK is the best?

CatMouse APK- Terrarium TV Clone is the best streaming app in the market right now. With its awesome database and video quality, the latest CatMouse APK amuses its users every day.


You can find fresh video contents regularly in the app. Also, you can stream easily using Cat Mouse APK.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

  • Is Cat Mouse APK safe?

The app enjoys similar safety levels as enjoyed by other streaming apps. However, we do recommend using a good VPN service while streaming for your privacy.

  • Is CatMouse APK Legal?

While CatMouse APK on the whole is legal but the app might provide some content through piracy. So, it is best to avoid such content or use a good VPN service.

Can I Install Cat Mouse APK on Firestick?

Yes! You can easily install CatMouse APK on your Firestick and enjoy latest movies/TV shows on the big screen of your television.

You can check the full guide here: Download Cat Mouse APK on FireStick & Fire TV.

Is Cat Mouse APK Free?

Yes! It is absolutely free to use Cat Mouse APK. There are no hidden or additional charges involved. Simply install the app and you are ready to go just like a plug and play device.

Does Cat Mouse APK allows me to download movies?

Yes! Simply select the title that you wish to download and hit the ‘Download’ button next to it. Again, we do recommend going for a VPN service before initiating the download process to protect your privacy in case you download content outside of the public domain.

Error Fixing Guide:

Cat Mouse App Buffering, Subtitles Issue, Crashing & Other Errors Fixed.

Cat Mouse APK Alternatives – Similar Apps UPDATED.

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Conclusion- Install Latest Cat Mouse APK on Android

Entertainment can be enjoyed in a whole new level using CatMouse APK on Android. There are endless video contents from old to new in this app. This allows you to enjoy unlimited entertainment for free. Download Cat Mouse APK to have the best entertainment time.

Thank You.

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  1. Hello, I am running version 1.9 on nvidia shield tv ( not the new release ) and haven’t had any problems until recently. When I download it downloads normally until the end where I get this message ” error : a storage issue arose which didn’t fit under any other error code”. When I check their is no directory, no download. I’m running the app with no changes except for nd player, and all the farmhouse directories are there. Any idea? Thank You

  2. It’s not allowing me to download. It ask for my Gmail account and then it’s a pop-up stating unable to download file check internet connection. I tried with Wi-Fi and data. Same message

    • I don’t get any links for movies whilst I still do for TV shows. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ which is fully updated with Android 10.

      Please Help

  3. Sometimes it doesn’t work it takes too long to show a movie or a TV show that I want to watch I have to wait till stops buffering but I like it could it be better yes and I hope it could get better

  4. Is there a way to see the download progress of a file? Or the estimated time left? All I see in Downloads is In Progress / Finished.

  5. Catmouse not working at all, keep getting HQ series9 and when I got it says sorry link not available, for every movie I have done, is the site not working?

  6. Can someone give me an answer to getting the CatMouse app on an iPad? I’ve read the replays but they don’t give much help! Sorry!
    If not can someone tell me another app that’s similar. I’m stuck at home and it’s driving me crazy being In isolation. Please help?

    • Hey,

      We have provided all the old & latest APK files here in this article itself, you can download any of them, though I recommend latest version to avoid the unexpected bugs.

      And, Yes, It is free application.

      Hope you enjoy your journey with our Cat Mouse TV App.

  7. This app is not working when it comes to movies and TV shows just barely. No matter if it’s old movies or new ones not playing or no link available, for the TV shows only plays new shows for example FBI or anything that has to do with the CW, old shows not happening.

    • Hey,

      Get it asap, mate, you were missing a lot of fun. Just download the Cat Mouse APK and let us know your valuable feedback.

      We are reading all our users comments.


      • Hey herold idk if u can answer my question or not but im getting frustrated theirs alot of movies i cant seem to watch….i try to but ill click the movie then it goes to the screen like HQ25v2 abc video… ill click one an it goes to the resolving links an loads but when hits 100% it says……sorry….no stream link is available….it does this with several movies an shows idk how to fix it….also sometimes the link i click runs slow so the movie buffers alot through the movie what link is the best an fastest link so it doesnt buffer…ABC VIDEO OR THE CLIP WATCHING…..PLZ HELP

  8. Hi

    Love so good..series work fantastic.
    Films have stopped working.
    Any advice…I’ve got it on a android box..
    I still use it all the time series


  9. No more subs from…. seems they altered the way they are scrapped. Please adjust Catmouse cause at the moment it is the best app out there.. … Please help us !!

  10. Hi,

    I have tried a number of different movies but none offer any links. I am using v2.3, have a Samsung Galaxy S10+, in the UK and use Virgin Media. I have tried
    The Platform (2019)
    Underwater (2020)
    Charlie’s Angels (2019)

    I was able to get a TV show, DEVS.

  11. hi can anyone help i installed catmouse on my android tablet but when i go to open the app a message always comes up saing app has stopped working and closes down.

  12. Hello, can i report mistakely organized episodes?
    For example in family Guy season 3,it was aired 2001-2004 and there are episodes from 2005 and 2006, the episodes are 3X04 and 3X05

    • Hi been trying to download this app – in the UK – nothing works. I have latest Samsung but not allowing. Please advise

      • Hey, Previous links were broken. We fixed them and all are working fine now.

        Please check now, and thanks for being with us 🙂

  13. The links to tv shows and movies takes too long or just won’t even load like Solar opposites, Rick and morty, and John wick

    • Hey, Tony Jones.

      What’s your issue in downloading? All links are working fine for everyone out there, please do check out your mobile data connection and try again.

      Thank You.

  14. Hi! I’m using catmouse on my Amazon fire cube. My question is where exactly does a “downloaded” file go and how do I then access it to watch?

  15. Pls add select language feature for shows which are also available in hindi and other languages like pokemon,dc super hero girls 2019,etc. And there are no links appearing for some pokemon seasons.

  16. Is ADM no longer a option for downloading? Although I have it installed, it is not listed under External Downloader options.

  17. Is there a way to block a source link for the Catmouse APK? When opening the first link that populates for the new movie “Scoob” it has the wrong film (Adult). This has happened on occasion in the past but I have never seen a xxx link when trying to watch a children’s movie.

  18. 7/31/2020
    Went to finish the series of “How I Met Your Mother” as I watch it everyday, but it came up with an Unknown Error. Everything I try to watch comes up with the same message.

  19. My app stopped working so I uninstalled. Then I saw you have been hacked. Now I can’t install? Why? Also what one are we installing there are so many?
    I installed one that showed me adverts of the program but wouldn’t let me play it, so I uninstalled that app.
    Please help.

  20. Getting an error message and a no data message for both tv shows and movies…. what’s going on, this is so frustrating

  21. Hi, Im trying to download catmouse again but there’s a huge problem,its literally saying page not found. Can you please help.!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for reporting, Links got broken and we fixed it right now.

      Please check now and let me know if you need any help.

      Thank You.

  22. CatMouse is one of the best apps for Tv/Movies!
    When running on FireStick, even with Mouse Toggle,
    there is no way to change Catmouse settings that input a number:
    which include:
    Sources List Refresh Time Interval,
    Check New Episode Frequency,
    Check New Movie Relese Frequency.
    Would you please consider adding a way to change these settings from a firestick TV remote,
    perhaps using Rewind button as decrease one number(6 to 5), and FastForward button as increase one number(6 to7).
    Thank You

  23. I’ve used every method given in the last few comments to fix the no data problem. I have deleted the app, reinstalled it, clear cash, I tried to change the number to 15 but the highest it goes is eight, I don’t know what to say this is just a nightmare

  24. Would you please consider adding a way to change these settings from a firestick TV remote,
    perhaps using Rewind button as decrease one number(6 to 5), and FastForward button as increase one number(6 to7).
    Thank You if anybody could help with this one that’d be great

  25. Plz help catmousecof all programme shows new episode don’t work find watch solve it.

    Please help catmouse of all programme shows new episode damages issues problem solve try check again it.

    Plz help this content main of catmouse new version(catmouse pluto new tv app & other new version 2.8.1 )new of contact chat form (contact email & submit request form ) such permission want accept active allow request update solve it.


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