Cat Mouse APK Alternatives – 6 Best Similar Apps

Cat Mouse APK Alternatives – Similar Apps like CatMouse App: Hailed as the new Terrarium alternative, Cat Mouse Application has already caused a furor in the Android community. Within a short duration of its release, Cat Mouse app has gained a substantial number of users.

The entire credit for this goes to the fact that Cat Mouse APK provides access to latest movies and TV series for free with no hidden costs or additional charges. However, lately, the users of the app are facing connectivity and buffering issues that has forced them to look for alternatives till the pain points are fixed. In this post, we are going to tell you about similar apps like Cat Mouse APK.


Top Alternatives of CatMouse APK

  • Cinema TV

Merely 15 MB in size, Cinema TV is a lightweight streaming application. Though the app lacks diversity in content, Cinema TV can be an ideal alternative for Cat Mouse APK. The platform doesn’t contain any ads.Cinema APK - Cat Mouse Alternative

Moreover, Cinema TV is compatible with Firestick as well as Chromecast enabling you to watch your favorite content on the big screen of the television.

Must check guide: Cat Mouse App Download on FireStick & Fire TV for unlimited movies and tv shows.

  • BeeTV

BeeTV is a crawler application that is in partnership with a multitude of streaming websites. BeeTV crawls over these websites to fetch latest content for you. The platform doesn’t host any content.BeeTV - Similar App like Cat Mouse APK

This makes BeeTV an extremely lightweight application making it ideal for installation over Firestick/Fire TV.

  • Nova TV

Nova TV supports real-debrid,, and even Series-Guide. The customer support of Nova TV can be contacted over their official Facebook group to report an issue or to express the desire of a new feature in the app.Nova TV - Best App like Cat Mouse App

Similar to BeeTV, Nova TV is a crawler application that looks for your search over the web and scraps the links for you. You can also, check out: Cat Mouse App Download on PC ( Windows 10/8/8.1 & Windows 7/Mac) Laptop devices.

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is well known for the consistent updates that it receives. This makes the database of the app extremely huge ranging from old, evergreen, popular to the latest collection of movies and TV series. Not only this, Typhoon TV utilizes high-quality servers to provide you a buffer-free experience.Best Alternative App to Cat Mouse App

CyberFlix TV

Compatibility with Chromecast, no registration/subscription requirements, subtitles support, and a powerful internal player are the highlights of CyberFlix TV. The platform supports real-debrid as well.CyberFlix TV App

CyberFlix TV provides free access to latest movies and TV series. The good part is that you can even download content to local storage.

Check out TV Guide: “Cat Mouse App on Android TV Box & Smart TV Devices“.

OneBox HD

OneBox HD allows you to place a request with the developers to add a particular title if the same is not already available on the application. With a user-friendly interface and a large collection of movies and TV series, OneBox HD is a hot favorite among movie buffs.OneBox HD App

The app receives updates in the form of new content on a daily basis. Hence, you are never short of entertainment when you have OneBox HD installed on your mobile device.

Final Words – Best Cat Mouse App alternatives

These were the best CatMouse APK alternatives. If you are using any other application other than the ones mentioned above, you can let our readers know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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9 thoughts on “Cat Mouse APK Alternatives – 6 Best Similar Apps”

  1. I’ve been using Cinema HD for awhile now and it is byfar one of my all time favorite movie and tv streaming apks that receives constant updates. If you’re looking for a replacement to terrarium TV this would definitely be my choice

  2. For a long time, I too “used” Cinema HD as my Go-To streaming app, mainly for the fact that it typically pulled in the most recent content. But unlike as reported here, it was loaded with ads that are/were absolutely annoying.

    Though CyberFlix performed very well and IS actually ad-free, the switch to Cat Mouse was THE answer!

    Its Real-Debrid integration is a bit odd, as the links displayed don’t reveal themselves as such when the results are initially shown. But upon selecting your source, it does THEN tell you it’s DEB sourced.

    But I’ve found that there has been no content that I was looking for, that I haven’t found in Cat Mouse! I can’t say the same for ANY of the others, (though only the 3 I’ve mentioned here, have been tried from the list provided. I stopped short of installing others because Cat Mouse was the ONLY one I’ve needed since trying it out

    One test is, search for the TV Series, Midsomer Murders, which I stumbled across on a Roku device. The series is VERY GOOD. Has 21 Seasons. Roughly 8 episodes per season, with each episode being between 1.5 and 2 hours long!

    ONLY Cat Mouse has found this series and presented High Quality sources for ALL (but 2) episodes, so far, and I started at S1E1 and I’m now up to season 11! It’s even better than Roku, but only in the sense that Roku contains commercials. What Roku has over Cat Mouse is its ability to just roll into the next episode. While I get it, this is my only issue with IPTV, in general, but the availability of content, over a Roku or Netflix, makes that inconvenience a lot more bearable.

    My only issue/complaint with Cat Mouse, aside from its inability to roll into the next episode automatically is that, rather than the back button taking you out of a video in progress, (let’s say, if/when you’re trying to bypass the final credits), it drops you into a picture-in-picture, (PIP), mode, (which would be fine if that’s what you were after), but I then have to exit all the way out of Cat Mouse to get to a point where I can return to the PIP window to close it and there’s nothing in the settings to enable you to change that reduction to PIP mode behavior.

    So maybe that’s enough, actually, to see if one if the other suggestions on this page are worthy of investigation. But to date, for me, Cat Mouse is it!

  3. I’m guessing there are different versions of Cinema “TV”. The app I’ve come in contact with is called Cinema HD. While it has been a great source for content, the quality if the content isn’t always good, even with being logged in to Real-Debrid, that thing has a crazy amount of ads that can sometimes be difficult, (if not impossible to kill, so you have to sit through them before viewing your selected entertainment.

    Can someone post a link to this ad-free version of Cinema TV you all are talking about?

    • Hey,

      Here is the official link to download Original Cinema HD & Also you can get the Ad-free version from here:

      https: // remove the space after ‘https:’ and boom.

      Thank You.

  4. ZionTV is my backup when catmouse can’t find what I need. They have a paid zionclub but it’s say it’s worth it.

  5. Just installed catmouse. Subtitles default to maker is. This shows subtitles with 3 different languages on each one, one of which is English. When selected, I just get numbers on the screen.


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