Pulsar Music Player APK v1.11.6 for Android – (Pro Unlocked)

One of the best music player software is Pulsar Music Player. You should listen to it while you’re bored. Music might make you feel more in love. Along with people who like listening to the greatest music. Is it a music application featuring a wide range of song genres? Listen to your favorite music with Pulsar Music APK. Pulsar Music Player Pro APK allows users to experience a wide range of musical genres. Immerse yourself in the words while listening to new music. Begin with a high-quality music channel that features a large selection of the top tunes.

Pulsar for Android is a unique music player that may be played offline. It does, however, provide the most contemporary and comprehensive functionality of a high-quality music player program. Some exceptional functions are always recognized by professionals, such as modifying music playback speed, recovering playback position, and so on, and a variety of additional pleasures await you. Cancel your OTT subscription right now, cause HDO BOX APK is here!.


Pulsar Music Player Pro | Features:

The best features make you understand what the feature is about. So, let’s go ahead and understand what makes Pulsar Music player (Premium Unlocked) the lead in the market.

  • Hide banned Playlists: To provide the greatest services to our users, we are continually developing and launching new versions.
  • Best Interface: Despite the fact that this is a music player program, the interface graphics are not lacking.
  • Theme-based Playlist: Pulsar Music Player Pro provides users with several options for selecting items to play and enjoy.
  • Personalised playlists: This is a clever program for gathering data and creating a playlist.
  • The sound of music is customised: listening to music provides the most satisfaction. Not simply with the tunes available. Sound is also quite crucial. Pulsar Music Player Pro allows you to create your levels.
  • Simple to use: When you launch the application, Pulsar Music Player Pro will display all of your tracks. With a straightforward user interface. However, all of the tools with their unique functions remain. There will be playlists in several categories. Songs that a lot of people listen to, as well as songs that are popular right now.
  • Customised Song Specifications: When it comes to music, you may tune the tonal balance using a 5-band system, in addition to passive enjoyment. It is shown as a white column with a blue backdrop, along with the relevant parameters.

Pulsar Music Player APK (PRO – Unlocked) –

App NamePulsar Music Player Pro
PublisherRhythm Software
CategoryMusic & Audio
Root Required ??No
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Last Updated2023

These are one of the best features of the Pulsar Music Player Premium Unlocked APK. So let’s see how you can download this amazing application.

Download Pulsar Music Player Mod APK [v1.11.6] on Android

It is much easier to download Pulsar Music Player Pro APK on your android device. To do so, just follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, go to Settings of your android device and search for your App Settings.
  • Scroll down and search for the browser, and now give it all permissions including downloading from unknown sources.
  • Open your browser and click on the below link.

v1.11.6 APK – 

   Download Pulsar Music Player v1.11.6 APK

(Pro Unlocked)

   Pulsar Music Player APK

Pulsar APK Latest

  • Now, scroll down and search for the APK file download button, or click here to download the APK file of Pulsar Music Player.
  • Once Pulsar Music Player APK is downloaded, install it through the download manager.

pulsare apk on android

  • Now, simply go to Settings and give all the required permissions to the app.

Pulsar APK Android

  • You can now open and start using this amazing application on the go.

You can install all the major app APK files and enjoy them on your android device whenever you like. Just remember to follow our guide above.

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How to use Pulsar Music Player Pro for free?

Doesn’t matter what version or application you use of Pulsar Music Player (Pro Unlocked), the usage process is the same. The complete difference between using the normal version and the premium version is not having the restrictions. You can enjoy unlimited features of this amazing application with the Pro mod version of the Pulsar Music player. That’s what makes it special. Well, to use this app follow the below steps.

Pulsar apk

Open Pulsar Music Player, and go search for your favorite song. You can play it directly or even download it offline to listen later. You can understand various factors of the application. This app has a lot of things inclusive, you can also create a beautiful playlist and share it with your friends and family. Just look at all the features we have mentioned above, and you will know how amazing this application is.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use Pulsar Music Player Pro Mod on android?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Pulsar Music Player on your android device. It is just a simple application that allows you to play music and enjoy unlimited streaming of your vintage time passing I.e. music.

2. Do I need to root my device to download Pulsar Music Pro on android?

No, you do not have to root your device to download Pulsar Music Pro APK on android. You can download it directly using our guide above. You can simply install it on your device, but make sure to use only the trusted source. The application allows you to stream music, so there isn't anything that would require you to alter system settings by rooting.

3. Pulsar Music Player Pro APK stopped working, what to do?

In case, the amazing application stopped working, you can follow the following steps. First, reboot the device and try to use it. If the problem persists, uninstall the application and follow our guide to install Pulsar Music Player Premium Unlocked on your android device perfectly. Now again start using the application without any hassle.

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Pulsar Music Player APK for Android [Premium Unlocked]

So, did you have one of the best music streaming experiences with Pulsar Music Player? Well, often many kinds of music streaming apps restrict your ‘me-time’. But with this application, you do not have to worry about anything any enjoy hassle-free music streaming all the time. Finally, you can expect more regular updates on this pro mod version of the Pulsar Music player Pro APK. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends and family. Till next time, kudos!

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