Install CineHub APK on Roku (Latest Guide)

CineHub application holds an immensely big inventory of the latest as well as popular movies and TV Series. With an inventory of that size, it is tough to not actually find a particular title in the application. That’s why the user base of CineHub APK on Roku is showing a consistent increase on a daily basis.

The multi-platform compatibility of the application holds a major share of credit as well. In this post, we are targeting how to install CineHub APK on Roku. Check out: Install CatMouse on Xbox One & 360 (LATEST).


Install CineHub on Roku – Requirements:

Before you initiate the installation of CineHub APK on Roku, you need to make sure certain prerequisites are taken care of. We have listed the same for you below.

  • You will require a CineHub APK File. We have provided the link for the same below.

   Cinehub APK

  • An Android Mobile Device.
  • An internet connection.
  • Please download and install Local Cast application on your Android mobile device. You can get the application from Google Play Store.

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Download and Install CineHub APK on Roku [STEPS]

Now that you have taken care of the prerequisites, the following are the steps that you require following to install CineHub on Roku.

  • Your first step will be to install CineHub App APK on the Android mobile device.
  • Please launch the Local Cast application on the Android device.

LocalCast APK on Android

  • You will spot a yellow-colored casting icon on Local Cast application.
  • Tap on the casting icon to check out the devices that are available for streaming.
  • You will notice an option Change the Scan Active For. From this option please toggle ON the Discovery Options for Roku.
  • Now, launch CineHub APK on the Android mobile device.


  • All you got to do now is while you attempt to play a particular title, you have to select Play With > Local Cast > Name of your Roku device to initiate streaming from CineHub APK to your Roku device.


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Final Words – Install CineHub APK on Roku

The multi-platform compatibility of CineHub along with a wide collection of titles is what’s causing an immense swelling in the user base of the application. We do recommend trying out the CineHub application. If you have got any questions popping up in your mind or face any issues while installing or using the application, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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