Install Nodi APK [Kodi Fork] on FireStick in 1 Min [STEPS]

Nodi APK is a fork of the Kodi app with more advanced features than Kodi. Kodi is a well-known media center application that offers all the entertainment media in a single place with a user-friendly interface. It is also multi-platform compatible and can be installed on all almost all the devices available even in Linux OS devices and tvOS. Since Kodi is an open-source application, anyone can use the code to recreate the application and add some functionalities to it. Nodi is such a fork of the Kodi code which has some additional functionalities and bug fixes.

There are a lot of Kodi forks available in the market. If you ask for the best Kodi fork then everyone would suggest Nodi without thinking for a second. Nodi can stream just like Kodi. You can watch TV shows, Movies, Music, Photos, PVR and also games. You can also use a remote to control the Kodi application. Check Out: HDtv Ultimate v4.0 APK Download for Android [Latest Version].


Nodi APK | Features:

Since the Latest Nodi APK is a fork of Kodi, it has all the exclusive features of Kodi. Here are some of the exclusive features of the Nodi.

  • Supports all forms of Movies: Nodi supports multiple video formats such as .mp4, .mov, and also .flv format video files. You watch movies in any format you like. You can also stream movies directly using the .torrent file.
  • Hear music from all over the world: Nodi has music for all tastes. You can find music in rock and roll, hip hop, jazz, melody, etc. You can also download the music files in the required extension and upload them to your mobile phone or iPad to hear later.
  • Sophisticated photo viewer: Many professional photographers love Nodi’s photo viewer. You can upload photos to Nodi and view them one by one in respective angle. You can do a slideshow, create effects and share it with your friends. You can also convert photos from one format to another.
  • Play games: Nodi not only streams movies for you but also lets you play games. Nodi comes with android and iOS emulators using which you can play android and iOS games.
  • Lots of skins and themes: Once you start using Nodi, you will love to use it daily. So you will need some skins to make Nodi look cool. There are literally thousands of themes available for Nodi and you can choose based on your color choice.

Why Nodi APK is the best?

Even though Nodi is just a fork of Kodi, it has many additional features that are not even available in the Kodi. So many users have already shifted to Nodi from Kodi to use those features. Nodi can be declared as best when we consider some best features of the app.

  • Completely safe to install and use on any personal device.
  • You can play files inside your external storage using the Nodi.
  • All the add-ons that are supported by Kodi can be installed in Nodi also.
  • Compatible with VPNs and works smoothly.
  • Clean and neat user interface with no annoying pop-ups and ads.
  • It also supports all the Kodi builds. (Set of useful add-ons and repos)

Along with the above features, there are some other features that make Latest Nodi App the best among the other Kodi forks.

Install Nodi APK on Firestick [STEPS]

Nodi APK is not available to be downloaded and installed from the play store just like Kodi. But you can install Nodi by using Nodi APK. The steps to install Nodi APK is applicable to all devices that run Android OS including Firestick TV, Fire TV, Android mobile phones, SmartTVs, etc. Here are the steps to download and install the Nodi app on your Firestick device using a free app called Downloader. Do not skip any step while installing the Nodi app to install it without any error.

  • Let’s start with installing the Downloader app on your Firestick device.


  • You can directly install the Downloader app from the official app store for Firestick devices. 

open downloader app

  • Now you have to go back to the home screen of your device. Before proceeding you have to turn ON the “Unknown Sources” option in your device to let the device install apps directly from APK files.
  • From the home screen, click on the settings.
  • In the settings, you can see an option called My Fire TV. Tap on the option.


  • Now it will display a list. In the list, choose the second option “Developer Options”. It will open a new menu.


  • There you can see the second option “Apps from unknown sources”. Turn ON the option. In older Firestick devices, the option will be labeled as “Install unknown apps”. Both serve the same purpose. 

unknown sources

  • Tap on the Download app to let the downloader install apps that are not available in the App store. But make sure to install only the apps you trust. Malicious apps installed through the Downloader app can cause harm to your device.
  • Once the above process is done, launch the Downloader app. It will ask for few permissions including access to the gallery. Click allow to continue.

tap Allow and continue

  • Click OK on the pop-up that says Quick Start Guide.
  • On the homepage of the Downloader, you can see a URL text bar with a Go button at the bottom.
  • In the URL text bar, paste the URL:

Enter URL and Continue

  • Now the websites load. Scroll down to the download button and click on download. The latest version is Nodi 19.
  • Wait till the download is completed. The size of the Nodi 19 APK will be around 77MB. So make sure there is required space in your Firestick device.


  • After the download is completed it will show you a prompt. Click install to start installing the Nodi APK.

Install nodi-on-firestick

  • Once the installation is over open the app.

Nodi UI

  • Click the Continue button on the prompt. You can now start streaming your shows in the Nodi app.

Latest Nodi APK

Nodi APK | FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the Nodi app. If we have missed any questions do ask them in the comments and get the answers.

Q - Is Nodi and Kodi are same?

Kodi is an open-source application. Nodi is a fork of Kodi with exact same features and some other additional features that are not available in the Kodi app. Both share many similar features but they are not the same.

Q - Is streaming in Nodi illegal?

It depends on what you are streaming. If you are streaming movies, TV shows that are rented, or web series that are free to stream then using Nodi is completely legal. But if you use Nodi to stream movies that are copyrighted then you are using Nodi illegally.

Q - What are the additional add-ons supported by Nodi?

Just like Kodi, Nodi also supports and Real-Debrid add-ons. You can use Trakt to track all your watch history across all your devices and sync them. You can find the streaming links of the movies you watched using Trakt.

Q - Can Nodi be installed along with Kodi?

Yes, you can install both apps on the same device since they don’t share the same bundle number/ID. But it is recommended to have anyone app among them since they both provide the same service to the users.

Q - Is Nodi APK paid?

No, Nodi is 100% free to use and also open-sourced application. Developers all over the world contribute to the development of the Nodi app and providing support to keep it free.

Q - Is Nodi Safe to use in our Firestick devices?

Nodi is free from any virus or malware and is completely safe to install in your device and use it. But make sure to watch and download only authorized content. You might face legal complications if you try to download any copyrighted movie from the Nodi. So make sure to use any best VPN service to avoid copyright problems.

Q - Is Nodi available in Android PlayStore or Amazon App Store?

Nodi is not available in both Google Play Store and Amazon App Store because it can be tweaked to watch and download illegal content or copyrighted content from the internet. So you have to use the APK file to install Nodi.

Q - Does Nodi have ads?

No, Nodi doesn’t have any ads in their interface that spoil the user experience. Just like Kodi, you will have a simpler user interface in Nodi which is easy to use by beginners too.

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Final Words – Latest Nodi APK [KODI Fork] on Firestick/Fire TV

Nodi is an application that is compatible with almost all devices. You can install Nodi on Android devices, Linux devices, Windows devices, and also on all the Amazon devices such as FireTv, Firestick TV, FireTV cube, Firestick 4K. The above download and installation method is applied to all android devices. Make sure to follow each and every step without fail. If you got any doubts in your mind regarding the Nodi installation then you can ask us in the comments below. In case of error, including a screenshot would be very helpful.

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