FileSynced APK Download on Android [Filelinked Clone]

FileSynced APK is used to share files like apps between two or more android devices/Amazon devices. It is a free application with no ads. The awesome part about the app is that you need not use the URL to download the app. You can just use the code to download any app from the FileSynced app. Even though the FileSynced app doesn’t host any files on its own, they have fast servers to handle the traffic and the download speeds are better than other file-sharing apps. 

FileSynced APK Download on Android

You can store files in the FileSynced and make them either public or private. Files stored in public mode can be accessed by everyone without a secret code. But files in private mode can be accessed using the secret code sent by the owner. Each owner can create and handle multiple codes. Check Out: Install Unlinked APK on FireStick in 1 Min [Steps].


 FileSynced APK | Features:

Below are some of the advanced features of the FileSynced APK.

  • FileSynced app is one of the fastest file-sharing apps for android. Downloads using the FileSynced app are amazingly fast.
  • You can get the trending codes of FileSynced APK used by users worldwide and download those apps.
  • FileSynced app lets you download/install two or more apps at the same time.
  • No need for URLs to download apps. Only with codes, you can download any app you want.
  • You can create multiple and manage multiple codes both public ones and private ones.
  • You can secure all your apps using a private PIN code.

Install Filesynced APK on Android Devices [STEPS]

If you like to install FileSynced APK on your android devices such as mobile phones and tablets, follow the below steps. Make sure you have a stable internet connection in your device before you begin the installation procedure.

  • Go to the below-given link to download FileSynced APK.

   FileSynced APK

  • Wait till the FileSynced APK is downloaded into your device.
  • To enable “Unknown Sources” open settings in your mobile phone. In settings, go to the Security section.
  • In the security section, you can see the option “Unknown Sources”. Tap on the option to enable it.
  • Double-tap on the FileSynced APK file and it will start to install.
  • After the installation, the FileSynced APK will ask you for permission to access the files and gallery. Click allow to grant the permission.

filesynced APK

  • Now go back to the home screen of the device and launch the FileSynced app.

filesynced APK installed

  • To be able to download the apps from the FileSynced app you will need the appropriate secret code

filesynced APK code

  • Insert the code on the home page and start downloading/installing your favorite apps in seconds.

filesynced APK code ui

Note: FileSynced app is available in the official Google play store. You can also install the app directly from the play store without installing using the APK file.

Best Secret Codes of FileSynced:

There are a lot of FileSynced codes available to download apps. Here are the most trending ones among the users.


In this code, you can download apps such as Advanced Download Manager, AnimeDLR, Smartyoutubetv, Freezer mod, BeeTV app, etc can be downloaded for free.


This code has apps like ES File Explorer, APK Time, Aptoide TV, Mouse Toggle For Fire TV, etc.


Apps like Cuco TV, Cyberflix V, Cartoon HD V 1.0.1 Adfree, Flixoid V 1.4 Ad-Free are available in this code.


If you need apps like Funsterbe Kodi Fork, Iconic Kodi Fork, BreeZz Kodi Fork, Dystopia Kodi Fork then you can use this code.


Locast Live tv app, UK Turks, FilmPlus Official, Cinema HD Official, X-plore File Manager, PlutoTv Official are the apps in this code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we access files in private mode without a key in the FileSynced app?

No, you can only access private codes with your respective private keys. If you don’t have the private key then it is not possible to access the apps in the FileSynced app.

2. How safe is the FileSynced app for android and Firestick devices?

FileSynced app is 100% safe for all android devices and also for Firestick devices. Millions of users are using the app and there are no negative reviews about the safety of the app. So you can install the app with confidence.

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Final Words – FileSynced APK Download on Android [Filelinked]

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps without skipping then you can install the FileSynced app with ease. You can ask us if you have doubts regarding the installation of the FileSynced APK on your android device. Use the comment box below to communicate with us. Please attach a screenshot of the error to make it easy for us to help.

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