[FIX**] CatMouse APK Buffering, Subtitles, App Not Installed, App Crashing Errors

Not so long ago, Terrarium and Morpheus were the only players in the field of third-party streaming applications. However, when they were shut down, several relative applications came up to claim the top spot.

CatMouse APK is one of them and is currently enjoying a sizeable user base. But, it is an unwritten rule that during its initial days, an application will have to deal with a few bugs and issues. Check out: CatMouse APK on FireStick & Fire TV.

CatMouse APK – Common Errors & Fixes

In this post, we are going to share with you some common issues that the users of CatMouse APK are facing along with the solution to the same.

Buffering Error in CatMouse APK [FIX]

If you are facing buffering issues in CatMouse APK, it is usually due to a weak internet connection. Please check your internet connection. However, if the video is not playing at all, it might be restricted in your region. In such cases, please utilize a VPN service to bypass the restriction.

Subtitles Error in CatMouse APK [FIX]

Follow the below steps to enable subtitles on CatMouse APK.

  • Search for the content that you desire to play.
  • While opening the link choose the option Play -> Play with Subtitles.


  • Select the language that you wish to use for the subtitles.

However, if you aren’t getting the above options, please install a different external player. CatMouse APK allows you to utilize an external player of your choice. You can use MX Player or VLC Player and search for subtitles via their interface.

CatMouse Not Getting Installed/Unable to Install [FIX]

If you are unable to install CatMouse APK it is most likely that you are not following the correct installation steps. Please click here CATMOUSE APK to navigate to our post on the same and follow the installation steps properly.

CatMouse APK Crashing [FIX]

If you have just now updated CatMouse APK to a newer version, it means that the newer version is not compatible with your smartphone. In this case, please revert back to the old version.

On the other hand, if you haven’t updated, it means the current version has become outdated. Check whether an update for CatMouse APK is available. Update to the latest version to resolve the problem that might be causing the application to crash.

CatMouse APK Real Debrid Not Working [FIX]

If you are facing issues with Real Debrid in CatMouse APK, there are no complex steps to fix the issues. Simply, uninstall the application and thereafter reinstall the same.


This will resolve any Real Debrid issues that you might be facing.

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CatMouse APK Buffering, Subtitles, App Not Installed, App Crashing Errors [FIX]

These were the major issues that the users of CatMouse APK are facing worldwide. If you are facing an issue that is not mentioned in the post above, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will look into the same and provide the required assistance on a priority basis.